Time Capsule for Digital Pro Lab

I'm beyond fortunate to be a part of Digital Pro Lab's Time Capsule exhibition that was curated by Scott Martin and Jenny Browne. The exhibit will be on view for the upcoming Fotoseptiembre, an International Photography Festival in San Antonio, Texas. The photographs will be on view from August 26th to October 14th, with an opening reception on August 26th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm!

Featured artists include Anita Gentry, Anne Wallace, Danielle Charles, David Rubin, Edward Leafe, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Guilherme Bergamini, Hector Garza, Jeanne Harford, Julya Jara, Kevin Washington, Mark Hiebert, Mary Lou Uttermohlen, Mary Lynn Sutherland, Matt Fisher, Megan Lopez, Nina Padilla, R Michael Berrier, and Trish Simonite.

A time capsule is traditionally a collection of objects and information gathered in an attempt to communicate with an imagined future; as such, good ones evoke the essence of a person, a place, or a particular moment in time. We like to imagine the questions the future might ask us in return: What does this say? About you? About the world? Why did you save it? How did it feel to be there?

Each and every person amasses knowledge on a daily basis. We learn. We question. We explore and experience. With the transformation of its entire retail space into an art gallery, Digital Pro Lab will showcase 24 images from 20 international, national, regional, and local artists that will explore the theme, 
Time Capsule.

For more informtion, visit Digital Pro Lab or FOTOSEPTIEMBRE.