Anamesa Journal: Glass Ceilings

I am thrilled to have a piece included in the Fall issue of New York University's Anamesa Journal. The journal features work by artists, poets, writers, and other creatives, which allows for a wide range of perspectives on the chosen topic, Glass Ceilings. It's always an intriguing combination of works and I'm so thankful to be shown amongst such a fascinating group of people. The journal will be available for view in print and online by mid-December.

Glass Ceiling is a core metaphor of the feminist movement. It is worth noting that this ceiling is singular. But what of other ceilings? For different individuals and groups in our society, the glass ceilings are many and varied. Yet all of these ceilings help constitute each other. All of them are barriers to better lives.

This is why
Anamesa has opted for the theme of our fall 2016 issue to be "glass ceilings" - an acknowledgement of multivalency when it comes to the systemic limitations applied to certain groups of people. What do we mean by "glass ceilings?" Glass ceilings are the social structures that hinder marginalized factions' ability to succeed at an institutional level while guarding the privilege and stability of those above the ceilings. Further, those affected by institutional oppression know about surviving under glass ceilings. Our society claims that all people are entitled to their lives, that they have the right to make their own decisions about how they want to live those lives. Our society insists that all people can seize the opportunity to better their own conditions, as well as the lives of their children. How do we truly live up to these claims on a societal and individual level and how do we discuss glass ceilings in life and across academic disciplines?

Glass ceilings pervade our culture, although they are often ignored. We must identify them in so that we might shatter preconceived notions that reinforce such despotic conditions. We must look both outward and inward. In this way, we will begin to know our personal and collective glass ceilings.

Anamesa Journal